The scientific method –

defining the specific field of a problem

before attempting to find a solution –

is usually ascribed to Aristotelis,

384 – 322 BCE


In 2016, the international year of Aristotle,

the European Union redefines the specific conditions for political asylum:

middle-class Syrians, well-educated scientists

or skilled workers whom we need, all these are welcome.


The rougher Afghans have to return home: our European leaders decided,

after forty years of war brought in by the West,

by the Soviets, by US-supported Taliban, by the Western Alliance;

after forty years of war, they decided, there are still pockets of peace

– nobody can tell you where, but there must be, in such a vast country.


The Bangladeshi are not to stay either: it isn't war,

it is rising sea levels following decades of Western pollution

that is drowning their country – not ours.


And soon, under populist pressure, our European leaders

will redefine Turkey as a safe country of return,

to keep all of them from coming here, to keep them

from undermining our Western values.

                                                                                                                                                                       Konstantin Fischer, 2016 / 2017